As a pupil of Pierre Penassou, famous cellist of the Parrenin Quartet, Guy meets the cello and his vocation for chamber music.

After a few years as second cellist at the Brussel’s Opera, Guy founded the "Quatuor Danel". This adventure (1989 – 2013) offers him to meet legendary musicians - the Amadeus, Borodin, Lasalle Quartet’s.... - who transmit him an exceptional heritage. He prepares with the quartet several integrals (Beethoven, Bartok, Shostakovich, Weinberg ...) some of which being recorded (more than 20 CD's engraved). Collaborations with prominent performers and composers lit this journey

Guy Danel recorded in 2016-17 the music for quartet of Henri Marteau with the Quatour Isasi (3 CD’s by CPO) and joined the Malibran Quartet in 2018.

Guy Danel is also the founding president of two associations active in the field of chamber music in collaboration with the professional ensembles of the younger generation: Chamber Music for Europe and Concerts en nos Villages. He teaches chamber music at the Conservatoire royal de Bruxelles.